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Automatic rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper JL2100-X
Automatic turntable pallet wrapper JL2100-W has a wide range of applications, and is suited for film users of all sizes. Shjlpack's engineering team designed the machine to provide maximum flexibility for heavy duty applications with the most convenience possible. 
When you're operating in a competitive marketplace and your business is reliant on getting products from point A to point B really fast, you want to be confident in your machinery. With Shjlpack's automatic turntable pallet wrapper, you'll get the maximum reliability and safety to tackle any application with ease.
Standard Machine Features of JL210o-X
Upright stanchion:
100% steel structure
Heavy-duty build for durability and long service life
Minimize the usage of space
An extended packing load height is available as per needs
Film carriage:
Film releasing mode: Pre-stretch system, 100%-300%
Standard film carriage capacity
Force-control: Variable by separate motor
Roller covered with rubber cloth, durable and stable
Film releasing speed: 2.9m/min
Chain driven carriage
Easy chain tensioning system
500mm high film shaft
Quick change unit
Multiple protection device: Ensure the operator safety
 Mechanical hand:
Pnematic film cut and sipe system
Film clamper mode: scissors like gripper bars
Automatic clamping film for next use
Control: PLC control
Height control: Photoelectric sensor
Wiping system: Soft brush to stick the film perfectly onto the pallet
Operation panel:
Mode: Auto/maunl program with PLC & HMI
Structure: Independent buttons and touch screen
Language: English/Chinese version
Soft start-soft stop
Power on/off
Emergency stop
Wrapping settings: top/middle/bottom re-inforce layers, re-wrap function, overlap
Wrapping cycle counters: Total cycle counter and resettable counter
Electrical enclosure: Eropean approved
Indicator alarms automatically when fault occurs
Install over existing conveyor or can be provided with conveyor
Automatic infeed and outfeed conveyor
Variable conveying speed
Driven by motor with gear box
Sensor detects the position of object for operation action
Sets of conveyor can be choosen according to needs.
Technical data:
Machine Model: JL2100-X
Working performance: Automatic
Max. packing load: L1200mm×W1200mm×1500mm
Rotating diameter: 2000mm
Pallet load weight: 2000kg
Packing material: LLDPE stretch film
Film roll specification: ID: 76mm, Width: 500mm, OD: 230mm, Weight: 15KG/roll
Packing efficiency: 20-45pallets/hr, dependent on pallet height, wrapping program, efficiency of loading and uploading.
Power voltage: 220/380V, 1/3phase, 50/60HZ
Rated power: App. 2KW
Machine weight: 1000kg
Conveyor size: L1400×W1400×H450mm
Packing dimension (wooden case): App. 10CBM
Machine color: Blue + Yellow
Remarks: The machine can be customized as per your needs, for example, extended wrapping height, enlarged turntable size, machine color, etc.

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