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Automatic pipe bundling machine

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1.Storage & lifting system
It is for pipe collecting and storage, enable the operation of offline bundling, and ensure the working of the extruders uninterrupted. The pipe lifter is for lifting the pipe one by one and counting the pipe for bundling preparation. The machine can also be applied online connected with the pipe extruders.
1.Pipe accumulation and storage station.
2.Pipe lifter for lifting the pipe.
3.Pipe number counting.
4.Defective recycle storage device.
pipe lifting

2.Automatic Bundling Machine
Automatic pipes aligning, stringing, strapping system.

Automatic pipe counting for bundling.
Excellent collections. Well-known brands adopted for main components.
Ring speed and conveyor speed adjustable by converters.
PLC&HMI program control for automation operation.
Both manual and automatic working mode can be choose.
Pipe aligning device for keeping the orderly ends.
The pipes are parallel without cross.
Supporting rollers are covered by polyurethane.
Stringing device adjustable per size of the pipe and bundle.
Automatic strapping for stringing pipes.
Strapping belt is adjustable per requirement.
Strapping position reset function.
The bundling system is adjustable for different pipe OD.
 pipe bundling
Pipe and bundle size:
   Pipe Bundle diameter: ≤180mm
   Conveying speed: 1-10m/min
   Bundling speed: 20-60 pcs/min
   Bundling material: LLDPE stretch film/PVC
   Film roll size: OD:80-120mm; ID:50mm;
               Width:60mm; thickness:25micron
   Power supply: 380V, 3phase,60Hz
Air supply:4-8kgf/m2
3. Automatic conveying
Convey the pipe bundles to the gathering position automatically.
PLC program control.
Supporting rollers are covered by polyurethane
Automatic package outlet.
Conveyor speed is adjustable.

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