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Cable Coiling & Wrapping Machine

Application: Used for making coiling of wire or cable diameter up to 50 mm
Automation is the key to a good cable packaging system. Automatic cable coiling and wrapping machine use the latest technology to ensure top quality and fast production. These machines are designed using CE guidelines for industrial use and incorporate full automation of automatic coiling, conveying, and wrapping with PVC film.
Technical parameters:
Cable diameter: ф10mm²~ф50mm²。
Line speed:120m/min
Coil size: H:80-240m   OD:300-600mm  ID:180-320mm
Bobbin size: ф800/1600
Power capacity: 68kw
Direction:depend on custome
wire feed by payoff or direct connect to extruder.
Coil productive output is 4 time than by manual (take 200m coil for example).
After coil, can be connected to packing by automatic Poly film wrapping machine and marked.
If wrapping after coiling, the productive output is 7 time than manual.
This machine use servo motor flat cable system. good for looking.
Use touch screen type man-machine operation panel. easy to operate.
Microcomputer can save 99 kinds different coil size, when you change production, just read the data saved to produce, no need to set the data again.
This machine has automatic error detection function, when fault it will alarm.

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