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Cable Coiling Strapping Shrinking Packing Machine

Adopt advanced technology, to make packing line be full-automatic. Two different types - online / offline machine can be chosen. After coiling, the cable coils are conveyed to heat shrinking machine to finish packing.

Automatic coiling machine
Automatic making cable into coils, and automatic cutting. And automatic move coils into the shrinking machine. 

1. payoff or direct connect to extruder.
2.Coil productive output is 4 time than by manual.
3.Automatic Poly film wrapping machine and marked.
4.This machine use servo motor flat cable system. good for looking.
5.Touch screen operation panel easy to operate.
6.Microcomputer can save 99 kinds different coil size, when you change production.

Heat shrinking machine:
Fully enclosed heat shrinkable machine, L type feeding way of POF / PE film. With high quality sealing effect, and pretty appearance. It can be connected to after the strapping machine for further packaging.
cable coil shrinking machine
Technical parameter:
Sealing mode: full closed
Power voltage: 380v/50Hz/3phase
Sealing height: ≦200mm
Sealing width: ≦500mm
Product size: width+height ≦700mm
Product length: infinite
Packing capacity: depends on product length
Film type: POF / PE
Max film size: 580mm x 280mm
Power consumption: 10.5KW
Tunnel oven size: depends on product length
Tunnel conveyor speed: variable
Tunnel conveyor: chains with rotating silicon coated rods
Working height: 780mm-820mm
Air pressure: ≦0.5MPa(5bar)

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