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Ring wrapping machine features of JL2100-R
 1. Main frame:
100% heavy-duty steel structure
Durable and rigid fame structure
Minimize the usage of warehouse space
Reinforce aluminum cast-solid ring
Ring rotation speed: 20-40rpm
2. Film carriage:
– Film releasing mode: Pre-stretch, 100%-300%
– Standard film carriage capacity
– Roller covered with rubber cloth, durable and stable.
– Film releasing speed: 2.9m/min
– Suspended from the ring
– Quick change unit
– Variable film tension control by an adjuster
– “W” film threading pattern designed by Jinglin
– Minimize film usage and save film
– Photoelectric sensor checking load height
3. Automatic mechanical hand:
– Pneumatically clamping and cutting
– Automatically film feed-in
– Perfect film sticking system
– Instant heating wire for cutting
– Sensor checking and PLC control
4. Operation panel:
– Control: PLC and HMI programme
– Operation interface: Independent buttons and touch screen
– Language: English/Chinese version
– Soft start-soft stop
– Power on/off, Emergency stop
– Rewrap and reinforce wrapping cycles
– Wrapping parameters setting for easy operation
– Indicator alarms automatically when fault occurs
– Separate electrical cabinet for safe operation and easy maintenance
5. Conveyor:
– Structure: Conveyor roller
– Conveyor size: L1400mm×W1400mm×H450mm
– Driven by motor with gear box
– Adjustable conveying speed
– Photoeye sensor checking
– Pallet load positioned accurately
6. Options:
* Pallet lift device
* Safety fence with electrical lock
* Top platen/load stabilizer
* Top sheet dispenser
* Many more…
Technical data of JL2100-DR
Working performance: Automatic
Pallet load size: L1200mm×W1200mm×H1500mm
Pallet load weight: 2000kg
Packing material: LLDPE stretch film
Film roll specification: ID: 76mm, Width: 500mm, OD: 230mm, Weight: 15KG/roll
Packing efficiency: 20-50pallets/hr, dependent on pallet height, wrapping program, efficiency of loading and uploading.
Power voltage: 220/380V, 1/3phase, 50/60HZ
Rated power: App. 1.5KW
Air supply: 6-8Mpa
Machine weight: 1000kg
Remarks: The machine can be customized as per your needs, for example, extended wrapping height, enlarged wrapping size, machine color, max. load weight, etc.

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