Master coil stretch wrap machine

The master coil stretch wrap machine designed for big roll and mother coil packaging,Wire rod coil packing machine.

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This machine is with two blocker roller station specialized for orbital wrapping of steel coil, to make the package dustproof, well protected and decorated.
Place the machine on the flat ground surface.


Scope of work:
1. Conceptualization of the system
2. Design of the system & modules
3. Detail analysis of each module
4. Preparation of General assembly layout
5. Cycle time analysis
6. Detailed Engineering
7. Preparation of the Bill-of-Material
8. Assembly and part drawing of different modules
9. Manufacturing & Quality check
10. Purchase of bought-out items
11. Assembly of modules at our works
12. Integration of the modules
13. Testing and trial of modules
14. Inspection of the modules in running condition
15. Packing of assembly
16. Dispatch
17. Supervision of Mechanical & Electrical Installation
18. Commissioning.
19. Testing of the total system at customer’s site
20. Handing over the system
21. Commissioning trial
22. Training to operation engineers.
Object material: steel coil
Coil width(W)800~2000mm
Coil outer diameter(OD):1000-2100mm
Coil inner diameter(ID):610-760mmm
Coil weight:2000-30000kg
Packing material:
VCI film/LLDPE stretch film/PVC
ID:76mm   OD:100-250mm   Width:200-250mm
(The precise size will be confirmed after designing)
Shutter speed:app.2-3m/sec
Overlap rate:20%~90%
Power :app 15.0Kw
Power supply:380V,Three-phase five line
Hydraulic supply: 140bar
Air supply:6~8kgf/cm2

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