Vertical Wrapping Machine

Vertical Wrapping Machine

GW600 eye vertical wrapping machine(horizontal wrapping machine) was designed mainly for metallurgical industries. The machine special designed for packaging of narrow steel coil, copper coil and wire coil.

1. The components of well known brands are adopted in this vertical wrapping machine.
2. PLC and HMI systems could be adopted according to the user needs.
3. When trouble occurs, the indicator alarms automatically. And the trouble can be shown in Chinese.
4. Simple operation by imputing OD, ID and width of coiled metal. Other parameters will be set automatically and freely.
5. This vertical wrapping machine is designed with converter to adjust the overlap rate of wrapping tape according to the requirements.
6. Wrapping tape tension can be adjusted automatically.
7. Over lap rate can be adjusted by convertors.
8. Special brake device to avoid material folding for the best packaging.
9. Machine can be connect with production line to get full automatic wrapping.

Technical Data

Object height ≤300mm
Object OD ≤600mm
Object ID ≥300mm
Object weight ≤100kg
Wrapping tape Fine compound paper tape
Ring speed 30~40r/min
Working level height 800mm
Overlap rate 30%~70%
Power output About 1.5kw
Power supply 380V, 3phase 5wires
Air source 6~8kgf/cm2
Other Products
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