Cable Wrapping Machine

Cable wire wrapping machine (cable coil wrapping machine) is an machinery for cable wire, hydraulic tube. It is an coil wrapper with highly packing efficiency for coil package.

1. Height level is adjustable for coil from small to big.

2. The overlap of packing tape can be adjusted by inverter.

3. Material automatically cutting.

4. Different packing material can be choose .

5. Difference packing material can be choosing.

6. Supporting rollers are covered by polyurethane.

7. Up and down supporting rollers are available.

8. Separate electrical box for safe operation and technical testing and trouble-shooting.

9. Special mechanical brake for dispensing the material with best tension to avoid material folding.

Another information:

●Once wrapping: the packaging is completed at one time.

●Twice wrapping: the packaging is completed at twice. When the diameter and width of the unpackaged object is large, the tape storage on the ring cannot store enough packaging tapes at one time, so the “Twice Wrapping” mode shall be selected to package the object at twice.

●only touch corresponding button and press “Enter” when selecting “Once Wrapping” or “Twice Wrapping”.

● Ring speed and roller speed: They are not only referred to as the running speed of ring and roller respectively, but are also in connection with the overlapping of packaging tape. If the ring speed is high and roller speed is low, the packaging tape features a large overlapping range; on the contrary, the overlapping range is small. Touching “Ring Speed”, “Roller Speed” or “Trolley Speed” can modify corresponding parameter.

Technical Data

Object height 80-200mm
Object OD 300-600mm
Object ID 190-250mm (Special design for 100mm is available)
Object weight 5-50kg
Ring speed 30~90r/min
Working level height 800mm
Overlap rate 30%~90%
Power output About 1.5kw
Power supply 380V, 3phase 5wires
Air source 6~8kgf/cm2
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