Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine

    1. Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine
    2. GW 400 Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine The GW series horizontal pipe coil wrapping machine could be widely used in outside wrapping of coiled articles such as pipe coils, steel belt, bronze belt, wire material, aluminum coil, hose coil, bearing, tire, electric wire cable, plastic tube, PE tube, PVC tube, rubber tube, etc. We also can supply reliable solution of customized automatic coil packing line including strapping, stacking, wrapping ...
    1. plastic pipe coil wrapping machine
    2. Plastic Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine This plastic PVC pipe coil wrapping machine is designed mainly for metallurgical uses. It is widely applied in the external packing of bearing, flange washer, rubber tube, zinc-coated steel, painted steel, wire coil material, etc. The wrapped package is smooth, stable, tidy and aesthetic in appearance. In addition, this product is also resistant to water, dust, rust, wear and aging.
    1. Coil Wrapping Machine
    2. GS300 Coil Wrapping Machine GS300 Coil wrapping machine was special design for pipe industry as packaging of HDPE pipe coil, PVC coil, hose coil and PEX PERT. The wrapped package is stable and tidy. In additional, it has waterproof and dust proof effects.
      The components of well known brands are adopted in this pipe coil wrapping machine.
Other Products
    1. GD300 Tyre Wrapping Machine
    2. GD300 Tyre Wrapping MachineThe components of well known brands are adopted in this tyre wrapping machine.
      PLC and HMI systems could be adopted according to the user needs.
    1. Pallet Wrapping Machine
    2. Pallet Wrapping Machine Our pallet wrapping machine is used to pack goods on the stack with PE stretch wrapping film, which makes the goods stable and tidy. In addition, it has waterproof and dust proof effects.
    1. Coil Tilter
    2. Coil TilterA series of automatic mechanical coil tilter with conveyor is used for easily operation. It can be connected to the production line, used for dislocation of different vertical or ...
    1. Mould Tilter
    2. Mould TilterOur mould tilter can be used for dislocation of different vertical or horizontal goods, such as mould up-ending, steel coil up-ending and spool up-ending.