Coil Wrapping Machine

    1. GW500 Hose Coil Wrapping MachineThe tension of the packaging could be adjusted in this hose coil wrapper.
      Different packing masteries are available.
      The mechanical hand device can be choosing for automatic material feeding and cutting operation.
      Special brake device is provided for avoid material folding.
    1. GJ300 Hose Coil Wrapping MachineGJ series hose coil wrapping machine was designed mainly for wrapping hose coils and other coiled objects. The wrapped package is well protected and sealed, and it looks tidier. That can also be used for HDPE pipe coil wrapping and cable wire coil wrapping.
      This hose coil wrapping machine is provided with double-rub wheel devices, it makes working more safe ...
    1. Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine Up and down supporting rollers are available for this pipe coil wrapping machine.
      Our pipe coil wrapping machine is provided with separate electrical box for safe operation and technical testing and trouble shooting.
      Special braking device to control the tension of the packaging with PE and PVC film for different coils.
    1. GD300 Tyre Wrapping MachineSimple operation by imputing OD, ID and width of coiled metal. Other parameters will be set automatically.
      The converter is adopted to control the turning ring. Superimposed rate could be varied according to the requirement.
      This tyre wrapping machine comes with automatic cutter and setting devices.
    1. GS300 Tyre Wrapping MachineThis kind of tyre wrapping machine is designed with To and Fro working mode, it is safe and easy to operate.
      The converter is adopted to adjust the overlap of the packing tape according to the requirement.
      Polyamide adhesive is used to wrap support roller and protect roller.
      The fix device is adopted for the ending of the adhesive tape.
    1. Cable Wrapping MachineThe components of well known brands are adopted in this cable wrapping machine.
      The overlap of packing tape can be adjusted by inverter.
      Material automatically cutting
      Packing tape tension can be adjusted.
    1. GW600 Vertical Wrapping MachineThe components of well known brands are adopted in this vertical wrapping machine.
      PLC and HMI systems could be adopted according to the user needs.
      When trouble occurs, the indicator alarms automatically. And the trouble can be shown in Chinese.
      Simple operation by imputing OD, ID and width of coiled metal. Other parameters will be set automatically.
    1. GW900 Vertical Wrapping MachineWrapping tape tension can be adjusted automatically.
      Over rap rate can be adjusted by convertors
      Special brake device to avoid material folding for the best packaging.
      Machine can be connect with production line to get full automatic wrapping.
    1. GW1200 Vertical Wrapping MachineSimple operation by imputing OD, ID and width of coiled metal. Other parameters will be set automatically.
      This vertical wrapping machine is designed with converter to adjust the overlap rate of wrapping tape according to the requirements.
      Wrapping tape tension can be adjusted automatically.
    1. Custom Coil Wrapping MachineAll of our machines can be designed and made according to the specific size of customer's product or special requirement.

For coil wrapping machine, there are several series machinery for different objects packaging. And the machine is better design according the size and specification of the coils.

For hose coil, there the GS300 coil wrapping machine is for big pipe coil, GW series is good for lightweight and small coils

For Steel coil, there is need easy operation machine special for coil loading and unloading since it is heavy coil which need to handle by crane or forkman.

For Copper coil, the roller conveyor with horizontal wrapping is a good choice. Because for the copper strip is need a special protection in wrapping.

For cable wrapping requirement, the Coil wrapping machine have to be modified according the size of ID. Because of the ID normally is smaller than 150mm, even 100mm. Therefore the machine need to be modified and custom build accordingly.

Following is the base operation for coil wrapping machine
1. Rotate the “POWER” switch clockwise to connect to the power supply of the coil wrapping machine.
2. Rotate the “EMERGENCY STOP” switch clockwise. At this time, the indicator lamp on the top of electrical box is “on”.
3. Turn the “MANUAL/AUTO” switch on the operating panel to “AUTO” position, and then the coil wrapping machine will work.
4. Operate the “DOWN ROLLER NARROW” to make unpack object protected. Note: During the process of down roller adjustment, the unpackaged object shall be under hanging status, otherwise the adjustment operation cannot be accomplished due to the obstruction of the unpackaged object and even the roller mechanism will be damaged.
5. To Confirm whether the ring is reset or not. If it is not reset, operate the “RING RESET” button to reset it.
6. Turn the “WORK STATION” switch to “Forward” to slowly hoist the unpackaged object to the packaging position.
7. Operate the “RING DOTTING” button to have ring running slowly. Ensure the ring can position at the center or smoothly thread through the inner diameter of unpackaged object. 12. Press the “RING START” button to have the machine run in automatic manner until one complete packaging is finished.
8. Use adhesive tape or other method to fix the ends of packaging tape.
9. Operate the “WORK STATION” switch to “BACK” position to have the packaged object exited from the packaging position.
10.Start next new packaging operation according to the above-mentioned operating process.

Shjlpack designs and manufactures a full line of semi-auto and fully automatic Coil wrapping machine. Our knowledge of Coil wrapping machine not only from our background in designing & manufacturing of wrapping equipment but also from our years of field service of all brands of stretch wrapper. Hope we can work with you for your coil packing goal.