Automatic Steel Coil Wrapping Line

Three-Dimensional Drawing
automatic coil packaging system and packing line

coil packing line Diagram
1. Horizontal packing machine and delivery mechanism
2. Convey and jacking mechanism
3. Hydraulic stacking mechanism
4. Control panel
5. Floor
6. Display
7. Safety fence
8. Turnstile pendant mechanism (self-made by customer)
9. Automatic material picking mechanism
10. Weighing device
11. Strapping mechanism

Automatic coil packing line is mainly composed of automatic material picking mechanism, automatic stacking mechanism, convey and jacking mechanism, horizontal packing machine, delivery mechanism, and open-fence electrical control system. In coil packing line,the automatic material picking mechanism picks up the steel coils one by one from the turnstile pendant. The steel coils are delivered to the packing position with 90-degree upending. After completing the packing, the steel coils are conveyed downstream to the stacking position and stacked on the wooden self one by one. Above step is an brief operation for coil packing line.

Construction of the Automatic Steel Coil packing Line
Automatic Material Picking Mechanism

Automatic material picking mechanism---coil upender is directly connected with turnstile pendant to reduce labor and save time. It separates the copper coils on the turnstile one by one, and turns them by 90 degrees, and delivers them downstream. It can separate steel coils with different width precisely. The steel coil remains relatively stationary to ensure there is no surface damage. The automatic material picking mechanism can both be used independently and be jointed with packing machine. It is driven in a hydraulic-mechanical combined mode. It is controlled by programmable PLC through touch screen.


Automatic  Coil Wrapping Machine
Automatic coil wrapping machine is a kind of automatic coil packing line. It can wrap copper strip one by one automatically. It is operated with PLC controller and HMI touch screen. The indicator will show and alarm the failure or error automatically. The frequency conversion control enables the adjustment of degree of overlapping. The height of slip ring can be adjusted according to different sizes of steel coils. The tension of packing tape is also adjustable by coil wrapper in this coil packing line. After the operator inputs the inner and outer diameter, width and correction value through the touch screen, the PLC can automatically calculate the length of the packing tape. It also can reset the tape cutting and slip ring automatically. This automatic coil packing line for specialist for coil eye to sky packing.

automatic coil packaging line

Automatic Stacking Mechanism
Automatic stacking mechanism is an coil handling system which can stack the wrapped steel coil on wooden shelf. It is suitable for stacking the products with different sizes. The reciprocating structure features security and rapidity. The hydraulic-mechanical combined with a transmission system makes the operation quick and smooth. The automatic stacking mechanism is controlled by PLC and operated through touch screen. A lifting platform can be attached on its tail.


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