As a leading professional packaging machinery manufacturer in China, SHJLPACK specialize in manufacturing pallet wrapping machine, coil wrapper,coil tilter, automatic coil packaging line, etc. The products are designed per specification of the equipment and packing goal. Thus, our machines have been well received by client  around the world such as Russia, Iran, Morocco, Sweden, Australia, USA.... In addition, our packaging machinery has been CE certified. Let me know your requirement,and we are ready to serve you.

Main Products
    1. steel coil wrapping machine
    2. GS500 Steel Coil Wrapping MachineOur wire wrapping machine is designed with function of setting packing tape and stretch film for wrapping in one packing process to make the working more ...
    1. pipe wrapping machine
    2. Pipe Wrapping Machine This pipe wrapping machine adopted pipe bundling packaging requirement.
      The wrapping ring is controlled by converter. Overlap rate could be adjusted according to the requirement information.
    1. pallet wrapping machine
    2. Pallet Wrapping Machine Our pallet wrapping machine is used to pack goods on the stack with PE stretch wrapping film, which makes the goods stable and tidy. In addition, it has waterproof and dust proof effects.
    1. Rotate arm wrapping machine
    2. Rotate Arm Wrapping Machine This rotate arm wrapping machine is an automatic working mode machinery. All steps can be finished automatically, including extending load, feeding film, ...
    1. coil tilter
    2. Coil TilterA series of automatic mechanical coil tilter with conveyor is used for easily operation. It can be connected to the production line, used for dislocation of different vertical or ...