Failure Conditions Reasons or Solutions
The whole machine does not work. 1. Check the external power supply and power switch.
2. Check whether the air switch in the electrical box is on.
3. Check whether the communication lines are all connected correctly.
The swivel does not rotate or does not rotate smoothly. 1. Check wear pattern of the friction wheel. If the wear-out is severe, the friction wheel should be replaced with a new one.
2. Adjust the friction wheel.
3. Check whether there are packaging tapes or wastes caught in the slide way of friction wheel.
4. The overcurrent protection of the transducer is triggered.
The packaging tape is too loose or too tight. 1. Adjust the tension of the tensioning belt.
The swivel and the rollers do not operate. 1. Check the power supply.
2. Check whether the swivel speed value and roller speed value in the setting page are appropriate.
3. Check whether the alarm light at the top of the electrical box is flashing. If it flashes, view the disturbance display on the human-computer interface immediately.
The machine is suddenly shut down, the alarm light flashes, and human-computer interface displays relative information. 1. Check the situation of motor and line connection according to the information displayed on the human-computer interface.
Packaging tape is deflected or crinkly. 1. Check whether the feeding route of the packaging tape is in a straight line.
2. Check whether the tape holding wheel in the swivel is damaged.
3. Check whether the tension of the tensioning belt is moderate.
4. The pressure of pressing construction is too high.
5. The tape holding wheel carries too much material. "Secondary winding" is needed.
6. Your packaging tapes should be replaced with high-quality ones.
The degree of overlapping of packaging tape can not be adjusted. 1. Check whether the value of swivel speed and the roller speed are in accordance with the display value on the transducer in the electrical box.
Tape cutting is ahead of supposed time or does not work. 1. Check the mode of the machine's operation.
2. Check whether the parameters set in the human-computer interface is normal.
3. Check the setting page of winding mode to view whether the machine is in "secondary winding" mode.
4. Check whether the encoder is normal