Machine Installation
1. This machine is composed of main engine, corbel, track, trolley, cutter/tape holder, electrical box, etc.
2. Place the main engine on the ground horizontally, and then install the above-mentioned spare parts onto the proper positions, then install the small auxiliaries.
3. Install the relative circuits after the assembly of the mechanical structure of the entire machine.
4. Prevent against the damages of bruise, compression, crushing and contusion during the installation.
5. As the machine has been transported and moved, all moving parts shall be inspected manually.
6. The entire installation shall be completed in the condition that the power supply is cut off.
7. The machine shall be placed on flat and hard ground, and the ground loading capacity should be above 10t/ m2.
8. Only trained personnel can be allowed to enter the installation site.
9. Next working procedure can be executed only after all the installation operations are completed.
10. The machine shall be placed in dry and dust-free environment.