Our Upender is major used for turning over the heavy objects and changing the angle in production handling. such as Coil upender, hydraulic upender and spool up-ending. It is popular handling equipment in heavy industries for lessening labor and saving time.

1. Adopting special mechanical double chain drive.
2. Adjustable mechanical pressure device for easily maintain.
3. Inverter controls the working speed  faster and safer.
4. Strong structure will reliable design .
5.Oblique gear and worm speed reducer.

Technical Data

Items FZ-03 FZ-06 FZ-10 FZ-15 FZ-30
Max loading 3T 6 10T 15 30
Turn-over speed 50sec±10% 50 sec±10% 60 sec±10% 80 sec±10% 120 sec±10%
Transfer mode Double chain/four roller/ Oblique& worm speed reducer Double chain/four roller/ hard tooth-face speed reducer
Power output 0.75kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 3.7kw 5.5kw
Ratio 1:286 1:286 1:286 1:286 1:286
Perspective 90º 90º 90º 90º 90º
Power voltage 3 phase 380V 3 phase 380V 3 phase 380V 3 phase 380V 3 phase 380V
Working mode Semi-auto/ remote control Semi-auto/ remote control Semi-auto/ remote control Semi-auto/ remote control Semi-auto/ remote control
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SHJLPACK is a China upender manufacturer and supplier. We offer coil upender, hydraulic upender and handling tilter. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. SHJLPACK is located in China. The every machine will be special designed according your specification and requirement.