December 2015

HOT! Bundle Tube Automatically

New Year 2016 is coming soon. And our automatic tube bundling machine is cared by more and more users. Here are some information for you.   Are you going to use inline or offline automatic…

Automatic copper belt/copper allay strip coil weld system

The Automatic copper belt/copper allay strip coil weld system is prepared to do the work as a reliable multi-coil recoiling line. It is able to produce a perfect shape of multi-coil package without create any scratch to the material.

The Multi-coil weld line has to be provided with manual functions fully controlled by the operator through necessary and suitable foot button and remote control. This is a system to weld the slit copper belt: tail–>head–>tail… By this way, all strips will be linking together. It helps customer reduce the loading time greatly.

Coil Upenders or Tippers

Coil Upenders or Coil Tippers allow the user to load palletized metal coils (eye-to-the-sky) onto the load deck, then invert them to the eye-horizontal orientation for feed line loading, to provide safe and efficient delivery of coils throughout the manufacturing facility.

These tilters can also be used for different types of cargoes which makes them all-purpose. Usage of these tilters allows increasing considerably handling works safety and efficiency as well as improving their quality. The tilter design provides for electric drive working with supply voltage from 220 to 460 V.

Automatic Bundling Solution For Trunking and Pipe

Automatic bundling machine: It’s an automatic packing equipment with pipe counting, aligning, bundling, film strapping functions, it can be connected to the extruders or used offline. The machine is customized designed according to the pipe…

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