Automatic Bundling Solution For Trunking and Pipe

Automatic bundling machine:

It’s an automatic packing equipment with pipe counting, aligning, bundling, film strapping functions, it can be connected to the extruders or used offline.
The machine is customized designed according to the pipe specifications.
Strapping material: stretch film. The film is strong enough to fasten& fix the pipe bundle, makes it stable and tight.

Connection modes:
1. Online connection to single extruder lines: The bundling machine is directly connected to the extruding line.

PROCESS: Pipe feeding from extruder=>pipe counting=>pipe aligning=>pipe strapping (bundling).

2.Offline operation of the automatic bundling machine

There is a collecting box with elevating device at the entrance of bundling machine, the extruded pipes will be collected and stored in the box, and then will be elevated to the bundling machine for the next bundling operations.

Reference video:
Bundling Solution For Box Trucking

Process: Trunking feeding from production line=> Trunking aligning>> Trunking row stacking >>bundle making by layer>>Shifting bundle to conveyor >> bundle strapping>> discharging.

Reference video:

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