June 2020

master coil stretch wrappe

master jumbo coil packing machine

The master coil stretch wrapper machine manufacturer provides the reliable big steel coil eye through wrapping by paper, stretch film, VCI film. The coil wrapping machine designed for heavy loading and big size coil wrapping…

aluminum packing machine with bagging solution

It is a testing video shows the big profile bagging. The bagging machine is able works for the profile section with 200x200mm For more profile packing solution: www.shjlpack.com info@shjlpack.com The manufacturer provides the customized designing…

shjlpack tube bag packing machinepipe bagging-machine

Automatic bagging machine with automatic in-feeding and out-feeding. The machine is able automatic bagging forming and package filling into for online operation. Automatic bagging machine tube, profiles For more packing solution: info@shjlpack.com www.shjlpack.com

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