Automatic copper belt/copper allay strip coil weld system

Banner 2-Coil packing solution
Banner 2-Coil packing solution

Automatic copper belt/copper allay strip coil weld system

The Automatic copper belt/copper allay strip coil weld system is prepared to do the work as a reliable multi-coil recoiling line. It is able to produce a perfect shape of multi-coil package without create any scratch to the material. The Multi-coil weld line has to be provided with manual functions fully controlled by the operator through necessary and suitable foot button and remote control. This is a system to weld the slit copper belt: tail–>head–>tail…  By this way, all strips will be linking together. It helps customer reduce the loading time greatly.

Design drawing of automatic welding system

Automatic welding systems enable various degrees of automation of the girth welding process. The method combines well with others together, such as manual and semi–automatic welding. The degree of automation that is economically efficient depends on the specifics of the project:

1) Material thickness: From 0,1 to 1,2 mm

2) Entry strip width: 10 – 40 mm

3) Tensile strength: 200 – 850 N/mm2

4) Yield point: 180 – 800 N/mm2

5) Material elongation: 2 – 55 %

6) Material condition: Cold rolled, annealed, hard, soft

7) Material surface: Dry, slightly oiled, bare, tinned

8) Delivery condition: Without core

9) Pallet dimensions: max 1500 mm round

Other features for reference:

1) Working direction: from right to left seen from operator side

2) Pass line height: see drawings

3) Working shift for design calculation: machine has to be designed to work 900 shift / year

4) Number of operator / shift: N°2 for production till final package care coil tilter, Vacuum lifter, Welding machine, Receiving table

Foreseen environments of use at destination and location installation: Indoors, fire / explosion free area

1) Environmental temperature: max +45C° min 10°C

2) Humidity maximum: 85%

3) Environmental lighting: Following PR China regulation

4) Operation lighting: Existing from Buyer’s Factory

5) Line will be installed in an existing industrial building

6) Crane capacity: 5.000 kg

7) Height under crane hook: 6.000 mm

Automatic mechanical tongs for coils

Coil Lifter

welded copper coil

copper belt weld system

The Automatic copper belt/copper allay strip coil weld system is an automatic machinery which makes the product into coil. It has application in many industries, which can be used in steel belt, aluminum belt, copper belt rolling process and other coiling process. This machinery is droved by the electric power, fluid and so on. It consist of the core equipment (reels), auxiliary winding equipment (auxiliary molding equipment), etc. In the product coiling process, product are mainly formed on the reel, the recoil is dragged by the electrical motor.

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