HOT! Bundle Tube Automatically

New Year 2016 is coming soon. And our automatic tube bundling machine is cared by more and more users. Here are some information for you.


Are you going to use inline or offline automatic tube bundling machine? 

Inline: connect to your exist tube production line directly 

Offline: separate from your exist tube production line


If your items are stainless steel tube or some easily scratched ones, we have an idea for your tough problems. Yeah, pack single tube in a bag before bundling. Here is a video link of single tube bagging for your reference, please have a check. 


This type of single tube bagging machine will help you to prevent your tube from scratches on surface, corrosion, contamination or other damages. And single tube bagging machine will ensure hygiene and the smooth surface of each tube during bundling and bundle wrapping process. 


According to your tube size, we have below bundle ways.

½”-1”,1.5” – 10 tubes in one bundle

2”,2.5” – 5 tubes in one bundle

3” – 3 tubes in one bundle

4”  – 2 tubes in one bundle

Single Tube Bagging Machine


Also, we can meet your packaging requirement of 3 layers wrapping after bundling, by horizontal wrapping machine with sealing.


3 Layers

a. Bubble sheet – we can add a sealing station in bubble sheet before wrapping. 

b. Plastic wrap – wrap one layer of plastic film
c. Gum roll – wrap one layer of woven fabric tape

Woven Fabric Tape

Horizontal Stretch Wrapper


Now, let’s pray for goodness for New Year and best wishes for you and us new start. SHJL PACK always help you to solve with your packaging problems. Happy New Year!

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