Railway automatic steel coil transfer car

coil packing

coil packing

Automatic steel coil transfer car with railway

Steel coil transfer car is powered by the low voltage electricity from the railways. The power source AC 380V is transformed into AC 36V two-phase and are respectively connected to the two rails. S’ and arc-shaped railways flat carts are available as actual transfer situation. It also can be applied in the high-temperature environment, ferry condition and flammable, explosive environment.

The hydraulic lifting device can be installed on the flat carts, it also can be used battery powered. The batteries are installed in the carts. The batteries supply electricity to the DC motor through the electrical control system. Operating the coil transfer car to start, stop, go forward and backward, adjust the speed and so on. It also can be used in the hydraulic lifting device can be installed on the flat carts. The DC motor is stable start, big starting power, small impact to the gear reducer, low voltage, long lifetime and so on.

Four Steel-Coil-transfer-car

Turnplate steel coil transfer car. Turnplate rail transfer car is a kind of transfer cart which can run on the 90o turning railway. Working principle: when the transfer cart runs on the turnplate, turn the turnplate automatically or with manpower to connect the railway on the turnplate with 90turning railway, and then the transfer cart will run on the 90o turning railway. This turnplate steel coil transfer car is suitable to be used on the annular railway and crossing railway for the equipment’s producing line. The turnplate system has the features of stable driving, high accuracy of rail connection and can be totally automatically operated.

Feature – Steel Coil Electric Transfer Flat Car

* Welded contruction of strucyral steel

* Driven by electric power or battery are available.

* Running distance can be upto 200m

* Lugs for securing loads

* Four steel wheels structure

* Cable pendant controlled

* Steel wheels, steel deck  

Application – Steel Coil Electric Transfer Flat Car  

* Steel coil electric transfer flat

* Used  indoor or outdoor are available. The fields including metallurgy, foundry, new factory construction and shipbuilding and so on.

Advantages – Steel Coil Electric Transfer Flat Car   

* Operation securiry and convenience

* Simple structure and comparatively low price

* Unlimited using time and can be used frequently

* No strict requrirement for the construction of the railway

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