Mechanical tilter

Coil Upenders or Tippers

Coil Upenders or Coil Tippers allow the user to load palletized metal coils (eye-to-the-sky) onto the load deck, then invert them to the eye-horizontal orientation for feed line loading, to provide safe and efficient delivery of coils throughout the manufacturing facility.

These tilters can also be used for different types of cargoes which makes them all-purpose. Usage of these tilters allows increasing considerably handling works safety and efficiency as well as improving their quality. The tilter design provides for electric drive working with supply voltage from 220 to 460 V.

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How to Use Coil Upenders FZ-30

Coil upender not only can be used to upend the paper roll, steel coil, mould, steel sheet independently; but also can be connect with conveyor to be an automatic packing line for automatic packing.

Roll and Coil Upender FZ-20

Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd is really a professional manufacturer of coil tilter nearly 20 years’ experience. Our 90 degree upender also can be used for upending paper rolls and steel coils.

Heavy Duty Coil Upender FZ-15

Does your company require a Coil Upender or Coil Tipper? Why risk injuries for your employees or harm to valuable material? Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd durable Coil Upenders provide a safe and simple approach to rotate coils 90 degree and 180 degree without using hooks, slings or cranes.

90 Degree Mechanical Coil Tilter FZ-05

90 degree mechanical coil tilter FZ-05 is mainly used for tilting large and middle mould, convenient to open the mould safely. It is widely used in mould maintenance factory, dispatching port to reduce the steel coil collision and protect the steel coil from damaging.

Mechanical Coil Tilter FZ-03

Electrical mechanical tilters are utilized to handle steel coils for 90 degree tilting. It is convenient to operate and install, these tilters are provided to clients under various conditions and terms.

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