Coil packing line

Wire coil compactor and strapping machine

It is a automatic wire coil compacting and strapping machine, which includes wire coil compactor, conveyor, strapping machine. It is able handling your wire coil package from drawing line to packing line. It is able separating the basket and wire coil online operation. The strapping machine strap the wire coil 3-4 straps according size of wire coil. It can be an automatic system to replace the manually work in your wire coil production workshop. Shjlpack help you find the best solution per your need.

Automatic hose coiling and packing line

The JLPACK provides automatic hose pipe coiling and packaging machine for the your pvc/pe/phde pipes… Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the development of innovative, cost efficient products that address problems like loose, irregular packaging.

Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum efficiency hose coiling and packaging system for your application. The automatic hose/pipe coiling & wrapping machinery all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.

GD2000 Master steel coil packing machinery

The coil master stretch wrapper is specialized designed for automatically wrap steel/aluminium jumbo coils in big width with stretch film, vci paper/film. It is an orbital wrapper for eye through packaging,which makes the coil waterproof,dustproof, rustproof,well protected and decorated. There are different types coil stretch wrapper equipment can modified according your jumbo coil packaging. Welcome to contact with our team for further information.

Automatic hose coil packing line

This coil packing line is specially designed for automatic coil packing and handling of plastic hose coil/pipe coils after being spooled. We’ll supply the complete system after the coil spooler which include spool picker,wrapping machine,coil dispense device and buffer conveyors,etc.

Automatic steel coil packing line(vertical)

This coil packing line is designed to work in conjunction with the existing coil production/slitting lines to complete packing operation with high work efficiency.The packing type in this page is vertical(coil eye horizontal) type packing.The system is controlled by PLC program with HMI operation.

Automatic steel coil packing line(horizontal)

This automatic coil packing line is designed for the automatic packing operation after production of steel coils,copper coils,with high automation and high efficiency.This horizontal type coil packing line is specialized for “coil eye to sky” packing.

It’s mainly composed of automatic coil picking mechanism, automatic stacking mechanism, conveying and jacking mechanism, horizontal packing machine, delivery mechanism, and electrical control system.

Copper coil packing line

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