Steel coil packing machine

GD2000 Master steel coil packing machinery

The coil master stretch wrapper is specialized designed for automatically wrap steel/aluminium jumbo coils in big width with stretch film, vci paper/film. It is an orbital wrapper for eye through packaging,which makes the coil waterproof,dustproof, rustproof,well protected and decorated. There are different types coil stretch wrapper equipment can modified according your jumbo coil packaging. Welcome to contact with our team for further information.

GW300 Horzizontal steel coil packing machine

This GW model horizontal type packing machine is applied for steel coils which are in horizontal status(eye vertical).Various wrapping materials can be choose,to make the steel coil well protected,good-looking,tidy,more convenient for transpotation. It can also be connected with the steel production line for an automatic online operation, greatly improve the packing efficiency of modern industry.

GD800 Steel coil packing machine with trolley

With the fast development of metallurgic industry, a good products packaging is also more and more of strategic importance. Thus it also set the new request for a proper packing machine.
Jinglin presents a series of packing machines specially designed for packing different steel coils by material such as woven craft, crepe paper, stretch film, etc, to make the steel coil well protected, dustproof, waterproof, looks tidy and more convenient for transportation.

GD300 Vertical steel coil packing machine

The GD300 type vertical machine is with the up-opening structure which is convenient for loading the coils by hoisting/lifting from the top. It can help you significantly reduce your labor costs and increase your productivity. We are able to provide a custom solution based on your steel coil size.

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