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Semi-auto pallet wrapping machine JL2100-J 
Pallet wrapping machine has been widely used in various industries to pack the goods on a wooden/plastic pallet with LLDPE stretch film, such as can-making, food-making, mechanical or electrical parts making, furniture making and so on, which can tremendously reduce the user’s cost of labor force, save packaging time and improve working efficiency.
Standard Machine Features of JL2100-J
1. Upright stanchion:
-100% steel structure
-Heavy-duty build for durability and long service life
-Easy access to control panel and electrical box
-Minimize the usage of space
-The packing load height can be extended as per needs.
2. Turntable:
turntable 1
-Heavy-duty structure ensures constant loading and unloading of heavy pallets
-Variable turntable speed: Up to 12 RPM
-12 supportive rollers to ensure stable performance
-Chain-drive mechanism
-Turntable reset
-Motor drive with gearbox
-The thickness of turntable cover: 10mm
-Turntable elevation: 80-110mm
-Larger turntable diameter is available for choosing.

3. Film carriage:
film carriage1
-Film releasing mode: Standard, mechanical, 100% stretch
-Standard film carriage capacity
-Roller covered with rubber cloth, durable and stable
-Film releasing speed: 2.9m/min
-Easy chain tensioning system
-500mm high film shaft
-Quick change unit
– Chain drive system
– Adjustable film tension

4. Operation panel:
Operation panel 1
-Mode: Manual program
-Structure: Independent buttons
-Language: English/Chinese version
-Soft start-soft stop
-Power on/off, Emergency stop
Technical data of JL2100-J
Working performance: Semi-auto
Pallet load height: 2000mm
Turntable diameter: 1500mm
Rotating diameter: 2000mm
Pallet load weight: 2000kg
Packing material: LLDPE stretch film
Film roll specification: ID: 76mm, Width: 500mm, OD: 230mm, Weight: 15KG/roll
Packing efficiency: 20-45pallets/hr, dependent on pallet height, wrapping program, efficiency of loading and uploading.
Power voltage: 220/380V, 1/3phase, 50/60HZ
Turntable motor: 0.40KW/0.75KW
Film carriage motor: 0.37KW
Rated power: App. 1KW
Machine weight: 650kg
Packing dimension (wooden case): App. 3.6CBM
Machine color: Blue + Yellow (Customized available)
Remarks: The machine can be customized as per your needs, for example, extended wrapping height, enlarged turntable size, machine color, etc.

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