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Semi-auto orbital stretch wrapper GG200 is a perfect choice for lower requirements. The machine is easy and simple. It has variable applications to pack all kinds of long products and profiles.

The machine can works with different packing materials, such as stretch film, PE. PVC, paper, woven fabric. Shjlpack will provide you the best packing solution based on your requirements.

Semiatuo horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and solution.


GG200 orbital stretch wrapper is simplest horizontal stretch wrapping machine. It is particularly suitable for lower throughput capacity. And it is very cost-effective for end users.


Machine Features

* Heavy-duty steel structure

* Easy and fast operation

* Reinforce aluminum cast-solid ring, thickness of the ring is 30mm

* Ring speed 10-110rpm, adjustable by frequency inverter

* Friction between wheels and ring is adjustable by tension belt

* The tension/strain of packing material is adjustable

* Packing materials can be chosen according to needs

* Adjustable overlap of packing material, 10-90%

* Good packing effect can be guaranteed


Technical data

Length: 1000mm to unlimited

Max. cross section diagonal : 200mm

Weight: 10-200kg

Ring speed: 10-110rpm

Packing speed: 10-30secs/pack

Power output: 1.5kw

Power voltage: 380V, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Packing material: Stretch film, crepe paper, woven fabric, etc

ID: 50mm, Width: 100-300mm, OD: 100-250mm



Conveyor system

PLC & HMI control system

Automatic mechanical hand

Manual guide roller in infeed and outfeed area

Pneumatic pinch roller in infeed and outfeed area

Carrier guide for short products

Second material roll holding fixture

Many others are available …


Conform to CE & ISO guidelines with the latest technology and design criteria for industry use.

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