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This machine is designed with a high work table, especially applicable for small and light pipe/hose coils packing,with easy and convenient operation. The wrapping material normally used is stretch film,other materials such as knit plastic or paper can also be used. The wrapped coil is tidy and beautiful, and easy for transportation. The machine replaces the traditional low efficient manual packing mode, greatly increase the packing efficiency and save labor cost.


1.Excellent collections. Quality and well-known brands are adopted for main components.

2.The overlap of packing material can be adjusted by converter.

3.Packing material tension is adjustable.

4.Difference packing material can be choose.

5.Supporting rollers covered with polyurethane  are adopted to fix coil position.

6.Separate electrical box for safe operation and technical testing and trouble-shooting.operation.

7.Soft start and soft stop functions ensure safe operation.

8.Packing position reset automatically.

9.Ring speed and roller speed are adjustable by converter.

10.Friction between wheel and ring is adjustable.

11.PU wheel for long life using.

12.Packaging time can be set on the control panel for automatic stop.

13.Reinforced ring and structure, firm and stable, long life work.



(The machine can be custom made according to specific size)

Coil OD:300-600mm

Coil ID:≥200mm

Coil width:≤200

Coil weight:≤20kg

Ring speed:about 80r/min

Overlap rate:30%-90%

Wrapping material: Stretch film/woven plastic/paper tape/etc…

Material width:50-60mm; OD:80-100mm;ID:50mm

Power output:about 1.0kw

Power voltage:AC380V,3phases 5wires

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