Aluminum packing line

Automatic aluminum profile packing line

Aluminum profile packing line is a fully auto packing line for packing profiles. The auto packing line contains profile strapping machine, bundle stacker, master bundle stretch wrapper, taping machine, weighing system. The whole control system is made by Shjlpack, and we are able to design and calculate your site size to maximize the use of the space. Our aim is to reduce your cost and improve your productivity in the long run.

aluminum profile shrinking machine

aluminum packaging machine and wrapping machine, aluminum profile
aluminum packaging machine and wrapping machine, aluminum profile
sired cycle rates and payload capacities. The BantamPro ELS is capable of 10 cpm or 20 picks per minute and product payloads up to 20 lbs. per pick. By replacing the gantry with a 2 axis ELAU delta robot, capacities jump to 50 picks per minute and over 50 lbs. Advanced servo technology minimizes the machine’s electrical cabinet requirements. A continuous welded frame is standard for a long service life, and the entire machine is backed by the same warranty package offered on higher speed Brenton case packers.

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