Aluminum profile packing system’s answer

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The question answer for the aluminum profile packing system

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  1. How much time do we need to change the tape or the film on each machine? —-One roll reloading takes time for tape covering app.10-15 sec, for wrapping machine app. 30-40 sec
  2. How long for each tape/film roll in each machine? —–Depend’s on roll size, you can check the supplier
  3. Average for 100m of film; How long we can warp? in term of meter lenght of the profile. —-100MM is for sub-bundle strapping. For OD:150mm, one roll has 800m。 The using time depends on the profile sub-bundle size. For bundle OD200mm, It is able wrapping around 150 packages.

how the Product form each line flow trhough and prove taht the product can be pack and flow smoothly without hickup or jam.—-The machine packing speed is for 46m per minute. It is able empty the jam in the in-feeding system

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