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steel tube bundling solution in China

自动钢管输送、成型机要求 客户的钢管有圆形,方形,矩形三种。管子的尺寸如下: 1 圆管直径 Φ12.7mm~Φ50.8mm 2 圆管厚度 δ0.7mm~2.0mm 3 方管规格 12×12~40×40mm 4 方管厚度 δ0.7mm~1.5mm 5 矩形管规格 10×14~30×50mm 6 矩形管厚度 δ0.7mm~1.5mm 7 管材长度 6~6.4m   钢管成型外径: 600-800mm, 长度: 6000~6400mm 最大重量: 600-2000kg steel tube bundling machine and…

Automatic pipe coiling machine, pipe winder Shjlpack provide the automatic pipe and hose coiling and strapping, wrapping system to connect with  extruder/spool. The pipe through the tensioner and meter counting device  and feeidng by clamper into coiling hand. The…

Automatic coiler for hose

Automatic coiler made in China with hose coiling and strapping machine for online hose counting length, coil making, cutting, eye throught strapping and packing. The solution vary from hose size and coiling size. The manufaturer provides the automation control system to help online production, packing and handling the hose.

Automatic coiling and strapping machine

This is automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine specialized for vertical coiling and strapping, such as pipe coil, hose coil, etc. After coiling and strapping, pipe coils are well-shaped. The machine saves labor force and improves work efficiency that plays a key role in your production procedure and is popular in modern packaging industry.

Automatic pipe coiler

Packing process:

Pipe from extruder/spool through the tensioner and counter
Automatic feeding the pipe to coiling station.
Pipe head clamped and turning for coiling
Automatic layer making and coil making.
Automatic cutting the pipe while pipe length reach to the setting.
Holding the pipe coil and turning 180 degree.
Automatic strapping 3/4/6per requirement.
Pushing out the strapped coil.
Coiler turning 180 degree for re-coiling.

Railway automatic steel coil transfer car

Steel coil transfer car is powered by the low voltage electricity from the railways. The power source AC 380V is transformed into AC 36V two-phase and are respectively connected to the two rails. S’ and arc-shaped railways flat carts are available as actual transfer situation. It also can be applied in the high-temperature environment, ferry condition and flammable, explosive environment.

It also can be used in the hydraulic lifting device can be installed on the flat carts. The DC motor is stable start, big starting power, small impact to the gear reducer, low voltage, long lifetime and so on.

Automatic copper belt/copper allay strip coil weld system

The Automatic copper belt/copper allay strip coil weld system is prepared to do the work as a reliable multi-coil recoiling line. It is able to produce a perfect shape of multi-coil package without create any scratch to the material.

The Multi-coil weld line has to be provided with manual functions fully controlled by the operator through necessary and suitable foot button and remote control. This is a system to weld the slit copper belt: tail–>head–>tail… By this way, all strips will be linking together. It helps customer reduce the loading time greatly.

Coil Upenders or Tippers

Coil Upenders or Coil Tippers allow the user to load palletized metal coils (eye-to-the-sky) onto the load deck, then invert them to the eye-horizontal orientation for feed line loading, to provide safe and efficient delivery of coils throughout the manufacturing facility.

These tilters can also be used for different types of cargoes which makes them all-purpose. Usage of these tilters allows increasing considerably handling works safety and efficiency as well as improving their quality. The tilter design provides for electric drive working with supply voltage from 220 to 460 V.

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