Coil packing machine

Automatic coiler for hose

Automatic coiler made in China with hose coiling and strapping machine for online hose counting length, coil making, cutting, eye throught strapping and packing. The solution vary from hose size and coiling size. The manufaturer provides the automation control system to help online production, packing and handling the hose.

Automatic coiling and strapping machine

This is automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine specialized for vertical coiling and strapping, such as pipe coil, hose coil, etc. After coiling and strapping, pipe coils are well-shaped. The machine saves labor force and improves work efficiency that plays a key role in your production procedure and is popular in modern packaging industry.

Automatic pipe coiler

Packing process:

Pipe from extruder/spool through the tensioner and counter
Automatic feeding the pipe to coiling station.
Pipe head clamped and turning for coiling
Automatic layer making and coil making.
Automatic cutting the pipe while pipe length reach to the setting.
Holding the pipe coil and turning 180 degree.
Automatic strapping 3/4/6per requirement.
Pushing out the strapped coil.
Coiler turning 180 degree for re-coiling.

Coil Master for wire coil wrapping

The coilmaster stretch wrapping machine designed by Jinglin is for high efficient and high performanced through-the-eye wrapping of coils for the wire, steel, and aluminium industries, especially for wrapping of the coils with big width by stretch film,vci paper/film.which makes the coil waterproof,dustproof, rustproof,well protected and decorated.

Wire coil compactor and strapping machine

It is a automatic wire coil compacting and strapping machine, which includes wire coil compactor, conveyor, strapping machine. It is able handling your wire coil package from drawing line to packing line. It is able separating the basket and wire coil online operation. The strapping machine strap the wire coil 3-4 straps according size of wire coil. It can be an automatic system to replace the manually work in your wire coil production workshop. Shjlpack help you find the best solution per your need.

Big Bearing Wrapping Machine ZC-2200

So for the small bearing, it can be packed in a plastic bag easily, but for the bigger bearing, it is slip and heavy, how can we pack it? Don’t worry about that. Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd is an outstanding and professional manufacturer of bearing wrapping machine for small and big bearing.
After the bearing rinse and rust prevention, the big bearing can be packed with stretch film, HDPE film for inner layer, stretch film, brown paper, plain crepe paper, compound paper and other materials for outside layer package. After packing, the bearing can be protected very well.

GD2000 Master steel coil packing machinery

The coil master stretch wrapper is specialized designed for automatically wrap steel/aluminium jumbo coils in big width with stretch film, vci paper/film. It is an orbital wrapper for eye through packaging,which makes the coil waterproof,dustproof, rustproof,well protected and decorated. There are different types coil stretch wrapper equipment can modified according your jumbo coil packaging. Welcome to contact with our team for further information.

GW2500 Wire coil packing machine

The machine is specialized designed for packing steel wire coils which has a big diameter, such as strand wire coils,pre-stressed wire coils,and big bearings as well. The coil is well-protected & sealed & looks tidier after packing.The wrapper part is moveable with track which makes it convenient for coil loading and adjust the wrapping position according to different coil diameter.

GW400 Horizontal hose coil packing machine

 Jinglin designed this machine for exterier packaging of hose coils and other coiled objects such as steel wire coil, cable coils as well. The wrapped objects looks neat、smooth, easy for transport& storage. It’s applicable for various specifications of coils. Can reduce labor intensity and greatly enhance the production efficiency. So far, the wrapping machine is more and more used by modern industries to enhance company competitiveness.

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