Automatic EPS or sandwich panel packing by machine

sandwich panel packing line

The special point of the packing in the EPS or sandwich panel

  1. For minimum size option height and width is ok but required length is 1meter. Like 0.6meter x 0.6meter x 1meter.—The min product length we suggest you 1500mm. Reason (1): For length 1000mm, your packing material Width need to be changed from 500mm to 300mm, so the whole machine’s speed will be greatly reduced. The smaller packing material width, the more time it need takes to wrapping packing.   Reason (2): For 1000mm length products, it is also necessary to add a special transition plate onto wrapping station, and the entire machine program needs to be upgraded, so there will be a lot of costs be increased.  So we suggest the min length on our machine 1500mm, you can manually packaging 1m length products if it’s not main products.
  2. Please confirm whether Orbital wrapper and conveyors speeds are adjustable or not? We are required with adjustable speed.—Yes, of course. Both conveying speed and wrapping speed can be adjustable per your packing need. 
  3. There should be option for conveyor to move reverse and forward.—Yes, conveyor can be move in both reverse and forward two directions. But in order to prolong the machine service life, we suggest the main direction in Forward during daily running.