Autoamtic cable rope coiling and binding machine RFQ

automatic cable coiling and binding machinea
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  • Can this cable coiling machinery cut 5,5 mm steel rope material covered by soft pvc ( steel rope is 2,5 mm inside of product)—–YES
  • what is the dimension of machinery (Lenghtheightwidht) ?—-app. L 2000 x W1800x H1800mm
  • Can this machinery be customized as per our needs in terms of dimension? —–Your coil size is possible
  • Can we arrange the coil quantity and length as per our needs? we need different measurements that it starts from 10 mt till 65 mt length per coil packaging, So is it possible?
    ——–The coil side have to be in the range provided. Base on experience10-30mm is possible, 65m is too longer to be coiling in the size range provided.
  • The Control Panel can be english language or in any language?——English
  • The production and delivery time ? —-45 days
  • Do you export directly to Istanbul / Turkey ?—–Yes, but another coil packing machine
  • Finally, What is the price of  machinery ? ——USD21,666–$22,800