July 2015

Pallet stretch wrapper JL2100-J

JL2100-J semi-auto pallet wrapping machine working with a rotating turntable can pack the pallet load nicely and tidily by stretch film. The access ramp for pallet jack easy loading & unloading and top plate for pressing down on light and high loads are available for optional requirements.

Stretch film wrapping machine is extremely user-friendly and highly suited to use by smaller-scale film users. The concept of designing a simple and dependable machine is mainly for tackling all your tough applications with the maximum flexibility. Shjlpack’s engineering team emphasizes on safety and reliability of the machine for end users. It aims to cope with a high workload and decrease the risk of maintenance.

Vertical tyre packing machine GD300

This series tyre packing machine is mainly excogitated exteriors packing for tyres. It also can be broadly found in the outdoors wrapping of circular articles for instance steel belt, bronze belt, copper belt, wire material, rubber tube, bearing, tire, electric wire cable, stainless wire, mild-carbon steel strip etc.

The SHJLPACK provides packaging solutions for the tyres. The tyre packing machines all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.

Tyre wrapping machine GS300

There are so many kinds of tyre wrapping machines are used in modern. Such as Truck Tyre Wrapping Machine, Truck Tyre Wrapping Machines, Trailer Tyre Wrapping Machine, Light Truck Tyre Wrapping Machine, Passenger Car Tyre Wrapping Machine, Tyre Machine, Tyre Equipment, Tyre Packaging Machine, Tyre Wrapping Machine.

Different size of tyres, they can be wrapped with different tyre wrapping machine. For example, if the tyre width is 200mm, tyre wrapping machine GS200 is suitable for wrapping; if it is 300mm, tyre wrapping machine GS300 is better. Machine structure of GS200 & GS300 is a little different.

Tyre wrapping machine GS200

Do you know what is kind of machine can be used to wrap various type of tyres? The answer is industry tyre wrapping machine. The tyre can be wrapped with stretch film, knit belt and…

Automatic hose coil packing line

This coil packing line is specially designed for automatic coil packing and handling of plastic hose coil/pipe coils after being spooled. We’ll supply the complete system after the coil spooler which include spool picker,wrapping machine,coil dispense device and buffer conveyors,etc.

Automatic steel coil packing line(vertical)

This coil packing line is designed to work in conjunction with the existing coil production/slitting lines to complete packing operation with high work efficiency.The packing type in this page is vertical(coil eye horizontal) type packing.The system is controlled by PLC program with HMI operation.

Automatic steel coil packing line(horizontal)

This automatic coil packing line is designed for the automatic packing operation after production of steel coils,copper coils,with high automation and high efficiency.This horizontal type coil packing line is specialized for “coil eye to sky” packing.

It’s mainly composed of automatic coil picking mechanism, automatic stacking mechanism, conveying and jacking mechanism, horizontal packing machine, delivery mechanism, and electrical control system.

GD800 Steel coil packing machine with trolley

With the fast development of metallurgic industry, a good products packaging is also more and more of strategic importance. Thus it also set the new request for a proper packing machine.
Jinglin presents a series of packing machines specially designed for packing different steel coils by material such as woven craft, crepe paper, stretch film, etc, to make the steel coil well protected, dustproof, waterproof, looks tidy and more convenient for transportation.

GD300 Vertical steel coil packing machine

The GD300 type vertical machine is with the up-opening structure which is convenient for loading the coils by hoisting/lifting from the top. It can help you significantly reduce your labor costs and increase your productivity. We are able to provide a custom solution based on your steel coil size.

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