July 2015

GS200 hose coil packing machine

Automatic pipe bundling&bagging machinery

This set of pipe bundling and bagging machinery designed by Jinglin offers a fully automatic packing solution for modern plastic pipe industries. It’s applicable for wide varity of PE/PP/PPR/PVC pipe, which can greatly save labor cost and improve production efficienvy compared with the old manual packing way. It contains a set of pipe bundling system and a set of pipe bagging system,which can also be used independently.

Rotary ring stretch wrapper JL2100-DR

Automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper JL2100-DR is different from traditional turntable or rotary arm pallet stretch wrapping machine.

This machine is very competitive to save film by casual start and stop the cycle on the load and improve packing efficiency for users. The up-down rotary ring wraps around the pallet with stretch film to maintain the goods in a good condition from dust, water, etc. Rotary ring stretch wrapping machine is very cost effective for users.

How to Use Coil Upenders FZ-30

Coil upender not only can be used to upend the paper roll, steel coil, mould, steel sheet independently; but also can be connect with conveyor to be an automatic packing line for automatic packing.

Roll and Coil Upender FZ-20

Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd is really a professional manufacturer of coil tilter nearly 20 years’ experience. Our 90 degree upender also can be used for upending paper rolls and steel coils.

Heavy Duty Coil Upender FZ-15

Does your company require a Coil Upender or Coil Tipper? Why risk injuries for your employees or harm to valuable material? Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd durable Coil Upenders provide a safe and simple approach to rotate coils 90 degree and 180 degree without using hooks, slings or cranes.

GW2500 Wire coil packing machine

The machine is specialized designed for packing steel wire coils which has a big diameter, such as strand wire coils,pre-stressed wire coils,and big bearings as well. The coil is well-protected & sealed & looks tidier after packing.The wrapper part is moveable with track which makes it convenient for coil loading and adjust the wrapping position according to different coil diameter.

GW400 Horizontal hose coil packing machine

 Jinglin designed this machine for exterier packaging of hose coils and other coiled objects such as steel wire coil, cable coils as well. The wrapped objects looks neat、smooth, easy for transport& storage. It’s applicable for various specifications of coils. Can reduce labor intensity and greatly enhance the production efficiency. So far, the wrapping machine is more and more used by modern industries to enhance company competitiveness.

Automatic rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper JL2100-X

Automatic rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper JL2100-X is designed for packing high production rates.

With the rotary arm wrapping system, this machine allows to wrap stationary and light products. The pre-stretch system can save the consumption of film.

The machine can be connect to conveyors, palletizer, pallet dispenser, pallet strapping machine, top sheet dispenser, etc to automate the whole packing line.

90 Degree Mechanical Coil Tilter FZ-05

90 degree mechanical coil tilter FZ-05 is mainly used for tilting large and middle mould, convenient to open the mould safely. It is widely used in mould maintenance factory, dispatching port to reduce the steel coil collision and protect the steel coil from damaging.

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