Steel tube bagging line

Steel tube bagging line can bag the long object, for instance tube/pip, bar. It can handle objects of OD 10-60mm. The bagging speed is high and effective 1-70m/min. Shjlpack engineering team will provide you with the best and most cost-effective packing solution.

The Jlpack provides packaging solutions for the LONG SHAPE OBJECTS, such as steel tube, aluminum tube…Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the development of innovative, cost efficient products.

  • Steel tube bagging line (Bagging and bundling Machine)


    Steel tube bagging and packing machine is a automatic packing line which can pack long objects, for example, stainless steel pipe/tube, PVC pipe, aluminium pipe, bar, etc. Shjlpack can provide the best packing solution to pack your product with our own R&D.

    Machine Features

    * PLC and HMI control

    * Automatic bag sealing

    * Special design for bag OD (19mm-60mm)

    * The bagging size can be adjusted for different OD of the pipe

    * Film feeding system is automatic

    * Automatic infeed and outfeed conveyor system

    * Smokless sealing and packing material residual free

    * Guardrails sensors and guidance for safety operation

    * Packaging tension is adjustable by special mechanical device

    * Quick-change material roll

    * The menu of the control screen is in English

    * The  speed can be adjusted by inverters

    * Precise temperature control for sealing

    * Sensor and mechanical limiting stopper for safety

    * Motor overcurrent protection

    Technical Data 

    Tube length: ≥1000mm

    Tube OD: 10-60mm

    Packing material: POF/OPP

    Material roll data: Width: 320mm,  OD: 300mm, ID: 75mm, Thickness: 25-60mm

    Bag OD: 19-75mm

    Lifting mode: Elevator

    Bagging speed: About 1-70m/min

    Air supply: 5-8Mpa

    Power supply: 380V, 3 phase, 50 hz

    Conveyor length: as per product size and customers’ needs


    Steel tube bundling machine

    Steel tube strapping machine


    Conform to CE & ISO guidelines with the latest technology and design criteria for industry use.

  • http://www.shjlpack.com/info/stainless-steel-tube-packing-and-bagging-machine/

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