There are two modes of coil tilters in the market: mechanical tilter and hydraulic tilter. Mainly different of them is the driven mode: Mechanical tilter is driven by electric, while hydraulic tilter is driven by oil cylinder. Choose which kind of tilter is depends on your tilt need.
SHJLPACK is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic tilter in China. Tilter driven by oil cylinder, it is more power than mechanical tilter, so it is usually utilized to tilt heavier object, such as 30 tons object, 40 tons object. And it is also suitable for not very object tilt, it depends on your tilt need. The tilter is controlled by hydraulic pump, object on the tilter platform is pushed forward and back via hydraulic ram. When photoelectric sensor detects the platform tilt position closed to the ground, tilter will reduce speed and soft stop automatically. So as to make our coil tilted safer.