Packing Solutions for door/panel and wooden industry

Date: November 10, 2015

Shjlpack is good at providing packing solutions to door industries based on clients’ requirements and needs. Three main popular packing solutions to your door by Shanghai Jinglin: door shrink machine (sealing and shrinking machine), horizontal door stretch wrapping machine and turntable door stretch wrapping machine. While if you want to pack your frames by a machine, we also can offer you a suitable packing machine to reduce your manual work. Over 17 years of experience in packaging industry, we have obtained many advanced and unique techniques based on our own R & D.

 Shjlpack’s Packing Solutions for Metal/Wooden Door or Panel Industry 


With the increasing demand of the market, Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd can provide you with a suitable packing solution to your metal or wooden doors. Our door packing machine will improve your packing effect by its nice package, save your packing time by its high efficiency. Mainly, we can offer you three packing solutions to door.


Packing solution 1: Door sealing and shrinking machine JL2300-E Model  

This door sealing and shrinking machine will seal all sides of door fully after shrinking. The shrink film is PE (30-150 micron). The width of packing material roll will be chosen according to door width and thickness. The package is very nice and tidy, which not only can protect the door from dust, moisture, scratch or other damages in storage and transportation but also can be sold in the market with a certain added-value directly.

sealing and shrinking machine door shrink  1


Packing solution 2: Horizontal door stretch wrapping machine GG1600 Model  

Horizontal door stretch wrapping machine packs door with LLDPE stretch film (normally, 25 micron). The tension and overlap of stretch film are adjustable by a mechanical system and inverters. This packing machine can not seal the head and tail end of the door by spiral wrapping. Mechanical hand holds, feeds and cuts the film automatically. PLC and HMI system makes the operation automated fully. While, compared with other horizontal/orbital door stretch wrapping machine, a specially designed top pressing system offered by shjlpack is necessary for this packing machine. Or else, the door will be deformed, dented or damaged by strong pressing down force.

Horizontal door orbital stretch wrapper horizontal orbital stretch wrapper_副本


Packing solution 3: Turntable door stretch wrapping machine JL2100-D Model 

Turntable door stretch wrapping machine mainly needs to manually fix a door leaf on the wrapping station first, and then wrap it by stretch film (normally, 25 micron). Top and bottom fixing devices with soft material can be chosen. The rotating speed of turntable is 0-12rpm. Compared with the above two packing solutions, this is the most economical one.

turntable door stretch wrapping machine turntable door stretch wrapper


Additionally, we also can offer you a suitable stretch wrapping machine for your frames. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us to get more details.


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