GW400 Horizontal hose coil packing machine

 Jinglin designed this machine for exterier packaging of hose coils and other coiled objects such as steel wire coil, cable coils as well. The wrapped objects looks neat、smooth, easy for transport& storage. It’s applicable for various specifications of coils. Can reduce labor intensity and greatly enhance the production efficiency. So far, the wrapping machine is more and more used by modern industries to enhance company competitiveness.


    1. Excellent collections. High quality brands are adopted for main components.

    2. The speed of the ring and roller is adjustable by converter.

    3. The overlap of packing tape can be adjusted by converter.

    4. Wrapping material tension can be adjusted.

    5. Difference packing material can be choose.

    6. Supporting rollers are wrapped by polyurethane to protect the surface of the objects.

    7. Side rollers and press roller adopted to prevent the project from shaking during packing operation.

    8.Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs.

    9. Friction between wheel and ring is adjustable.

    10. Soft start and soft stop functions ensure safe operation.

    11. Packing position reset function.

    12. Simply structure, easy for operation and maintenance.


    TECHNICAL PARAMETER (machine can be custom-made according to specifc coil size):

    Object width(height):≤300 mm

    Object OD:≤1000 mm

    Object ID:≥300mm

    Object weight:≤800 Kg

    Roller Speed: 2-4m/min

    Rotating speed: 20-80r/min

    Overlap scope: 20%-80% adjustable

    Wrapping type: eye to vertical

    Power output: Approx.2.0kw

    Power voltage: 380v/3phase/50Hz

    Packaging material: PE/stretch film/plastic tape,etc

    Guarantee value:

    1.Ring speed: 20-80r/min

    2.Wrapping effect: Product surface is smooth and even.

  • click here for horizontal hose coil wrapping machine video


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