GW300 Horzizontal steel coil packing machine

This GW model horizontal type packing machine is applied for steel coils which are in horizontal status(eye vertical).Various wrapping materials can be choose,to make the steel coil well protected,good-looking,tidy,more convenient for transpotation. It can also be connected with the steel production line for an automatic online operation, greatly improve the packing efficiency of modern industry.





    1. Horizontal structure, the object enters into the packing position by hoisting, conveying or by manual.

    2. Automatic operation including auto conveying, auto positioning, auto wrapping,auto material feeding&cutting(optional),etc.

    3. PLC & HMI are adopted for automatic operation according to packing requirement.

    4. Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Errors can be shown automatically.

    5. The turning ring can be located automatically and precisely.

    6. Tape rollers are adopted for transmission, outer protective rollers for protection.

    7. Press roller could be adopted for light objects.

    8. The overlap rate and tension of the material could be adjusted according to needs.

    9. The ring height can be adjusted for different object ID&OD.

    10. Anti-wear polyurethane is adopted for the friction wheel, ring with integral mould structure.

    11. Synchronous wrapping (two kinds of wrapping material working together) is available.

    12. The carrier rollers and protective rollers are wrapped with polyurethane.

    13. Ring speed and conveyor speed adjust on touch screen

    14. Different packing material can be choose.


    BASIC PARAMETERS:(the machine can be custom made according to special coil size.)

    Coil width(W): ≤300mm

    Coil inner diameter(ID): ≥300mm

    Coil outer diameter (OD): max 1200mm

    Coil weight≤2000kg

    Ring speed: 20- 70r/min

    Feeding conveyor: 1 meter motor driven

    Outlet conveyor: 1 meter motor driven

    Overlap rate: 10%~90%

    Power: about 7.0Kw

    Power supply: 380V,Three-phase five line

    Air supply: 6~8kgf/cm2

    Packing material: PE/Compound paper/other material

  • click link for automatic steel coil packing line video


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