Rotary ring stretch wrapper JL2100-DR

Automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper JL2100-DR is different from traditional turntable or rotary arm pallet stretch wrapping machine.

This machine is very competitive to save film by casual start and stop the cycle on the load and improve packing efficiency for users. The up-down rotary ring wraps around the pallet with stretch film to maintain the goods in a good condition from dust, water, etc. Rotary ring stretch wrapping machine is very cost effective for users.

  • Automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper JL2100-DR

    Automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper JL2100-DR belongs to pallet stretch wrapping machine. The pallet will be wrapped by raising and lowering ring with a film carriage system. The film carriage system suspended on the ring rotates around the pallet with LLDPE stretch film. The film carriage system has a pre-stretch system that will pre-stretch the film and reduce the cost of the package.


    Standard machine features of JL2100-R

     1. Main frame:

    100% heavy-duty steel structure

    Durable and rigid fame structure

    Minimize the usage of warehouse space

    Reinforce aluminum cast-solid ring

    Ring rotation speed: 20-40rpm

    2. Film carriage:

    – Film releasing mode: Pre-stretch, 100%-300%

    – Standard film carriage capacity

    – Roller covered with rubber cloth, durable and stable.

    – Film releasing speed: 2.9m/min

    – Suspended from the ring

    – Quick change unit

    – Variable film tension control by an adjuster

    – “W” film threading pattern designed by Jinglin

    – Minimize film usage and save film

    – Photoelectric sensor checking load height

    3. Automatic mechanical hand:

    – Pneumatically clamping and cutting

    – Automatically film feed-in

    – Perfect film sticking system

    – Instant heating wire for cutting

    – Sensor checking and PLC control

    4. Operation panel:

    – Control: PLC and HMI programme

    – Operation interface: Independent buttons and touch screen

    – Language: English/Chinese version

    – Soft start-soft stop

    – Power on/off, Emergency stop

    – Rewrap and reinforce wrapping cycles

    – Wrapping parameters setting for easy operation

    – Indicator alarms automatically when fault occurs

    – Separate electrical cabinet for safe operation and easy maintenance

    5. Conveyor:

    – Structure: Conveyor roller

    – Conveyor size: L1400mm×W1400mm×H450mm

    – Driven by motor with gear box

    – Adjustable conveying speed

    – Photoeye sensor checking

    – Pallet load positioned accurately

    6. Options:

    * Pallet lift device

    * Safety fence with electrical lock

    * Top platen/load stabilizer

    * Top sheet dispenser

    * Many more…


    Technical data of JL2100-DR

    Working performance: Automatic

    Pallet load size: L1200mm×W1200mm×H1500mm

    Pallet load weight: 2000kg

    Packing material: LLDPE stretch film

    Film roll specification: ID: 76mm, Width: 500mm, OD: 230mm, Weight: 15KG/roll

    Packing efficiency: 20-50pallets/hr, dependent on pallet height, wrapping program, efficiency of loading and uploading.

    Power voltage: 220/380V, 1/3phase, 50/60HZ

    Rated power: App. 1.5KW

    Air supply: 6-8Mpa

    Machine weight: 1000kg

    Remarks: The machine can be customized as per your needs, for example, extended wrapping height, enlarged wrapping size, machine color, max. load weight, etc.


    Conform to CE & ISO guidelines with the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.

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