Industrial Coil Upender FZ-H20

Industrial coil upender dislocates the coil from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal easily and safely.

  • Industrial Coil Upender FZ-H20

    Nowadays the coil upender is broadly used in modern industry. Do you know the reason of it? It is known that, it is impossible for people to carry the 20tons products. Because of every people the strength is limited, and it is not safe to carry the 20tons products by manually. In order to carry or move 20tons products, we must take advantage of some tools and equipments. Then the industrial coil upender is come out in the trend.

    hydraulic coil tiltersIndustrial coil upender dislocates the coil from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal easily and safely. The “V” mode strong tilting surface center the coils automatically after coil loading. Then the machine will work and tilt the coil with 90 degree or 180 degree accordingly. After tilting, the coil can be strapped, conveying to the next working station or taking out directly.

    Following are some knowledge of industrial coil upender installation and operation for you:

    Machine Installation:

    1. Place the machine in the corresponding neat melt pit; keep the working surface of the machine leveled with the ground.

    2. Connect the power supply according to the requirement of the nameplate, and make sure if it’s connected with the earth wire reliably.

    3. Adjust the levelness of the machine, to make it stand in a horizontal state.

    4. Check and make sure whether all the switch positions are appropriate and firm.

    5. Install the external guardrail of the machine and fix it effectively.

    Machine Operation:

    1. Do check if the external power supply and the earth wire are reliable.

    2. Switch the “power” and “emergency stop” button, the light of “Power lamp” on.

    3. Restore the machine to the original state. Means the machine is in the “Reset” position.

    4. Next working procedure can be executed after all the above basic steps finished,

    5. Place the object on the center of the working surface using hanger or lift truck. This step must be operated carefully to avoid the collision of the object and the machine.

    6. Switch the button to “Turn” position and the machine begin to turnover till finished.

    7. Remove the object from the machine steadily by a lift truck. This operation should be careful to avoid collision of the object and the machine.

    8. When the object has been completely removed from the machine safely, switch

    the button to “Reset” to restore the machine and prepare for the next operation.

    9. Start next new turnover operation according to the above-mentioned process.