Steel tube packing line (Bundling and Strapping)


Steel tube packing line is primarily composed of  pipe feeding system, aligning system, counting system,  stacking system, bundling system, strapping system and conveying system, etc.  And for the strapping machine, semi-auto or automatic one is based on your choice.

Machine features

 1. Steel pipe feeding, aligning and counting system 

This system will tip and convey the pip to its feeding position. The pipe will be aligned one by one without crossing. And the counting system will count pipe numbers. After reaching the required numbers, this system will stop automatically for a while until the next process is ready.

2. Steel pipe laying and conveying system

Pipe feeding system will convey the pipe on the storing station and count the numbers of pipes. When accumulating the required quantities of pipes, the storing station will fall the pipe row down to conveyor chain.

3. Pipe stacking system-“Hexagonal shape”

This system contains supportive forks, stopper and bundling frame, etc.  Supportive forks will stack the pipe row layer by layer in its bundling frame. After bundling, the stopper will push out and protect the pipe bundle from loosening.

4. Pipe bundle conveying system 

After bundling, the frame will go down and convey the bundle to its conveying system. The location of drop will positioned by encoder and motor. There is a set of stopper for changeable pipe numbers. After putting down the pipe bundle to transport car, the stopper will open and the car will transport the bundle.

5. Pipe bundle convey system

This system is going to convey the pipe bundle to a strapping station and put the bundle to its bundling system. Both two arms can stretch, and the front one can reach 180 degrees.

6. Pipe bundle conveying roller 

The conveyor roller is driven by gear motor. Under the combined action of conveyor roller and rollers on the both sides of bundling system, the pipe bundle will be conveyed out of the bundling system. Strap the required placed of the pipe bundle by a strapping machine.

7. Pipe bundle strapping system 

This system can be chosen a semi-auto strapping machine or automatic strapping machine. It can do 2-4 straps according to your needs, generally it is 3 straps. The strap material is steel strap. The width of strap can be 19,25,32 mm, and the thickness of the strap is 0.8-1.2mm.

7. Pipe bundle outfeed system 

After strapping, this whole bundling and strapping system is finished completely. The pipe bundle will be moved out of the conveyor or transferred to next station.


Weighing system

Orbital stretch wrapper

Labeling system

Heavy loading system

Many others are available….


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