Steel tube bagging line

Steel tube bagging line (Bagging and bundling Machine)


Steel tube bagging and packing machine is a automatic packing line which can pack long objects, for example, stainless steel pipe/tube, PVC pipe, aluminium pipe, bar, etc. Shjlpack can provide the best packing solution to pack your product with our own R&D.

Machine Features

* PLC and HMI control

* Automatic bag sealing

* Special design for bag OD (19mm-60mm)

* The bagging size can be adjusted for different OD of the pipe

* Film feeding system is automatic

* Automatic infeed and outfeed conveyor system

* Smokless sealing and packing material residual free

* Guardrails sensors and guidance for safety operation

* Packaging tension is adjustable by special mechanical device

* Quick-change material roll

* The menu of the control screen is in English

* The  speed can be adjusted by inverters

* Precise temperature control for sealing

* Sensor and mechanical limiting stopper for safety

* Motor overcurrent protection

Technical Data 

Tube length: ≥1000mm

Tube OD: 10-60mm

Packing material: POF/OPP

Material roll data: Width: 320mm,  OD: 300mm, ID: 75mm, Thickness: 25-60mm

Bag OD: 19-75mm

Lifting mode: Elevator

Bagging speed: About 1-70m/min

Air supply: 5-8Mpa

Power supply: 380V, 3 phase, 50 hz

Conveyor length: as per product size and customers’ needs


Steel tube bundling machine

Steel tube strapping machine


Conform to CE & ISO guidelines with the latest technology and design criteria for industry use.

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