pipe packing solution

GS Type Pipe Coil Packing Machine


The GS pipe coil wrapping machine is used for the exterior packing of a wide range of pipe coils. The machine plays a good role of waterproof, dust proof, rust proof, wear proof, and convenient for transport. Easy operation with good performance. It can completely replace the traditional hand wrapping process and greatly increase working efficiency,.

GW Type Pipe Coil Packing Machine

Different from the GS type, the GW series machine wraps the coil in a horizontal statue, and having the equally good packing performance. The wrapped objects looks neat, smooth, easy for transport& storage. Can reduce labor intensity and greatly enhance the production efficiency. It’s more and more used by modern industries to enhance company competitiveness.

Automatic Pipe coil Packing Line

We are able to provide customized packing line solution for high-automatic and high efficiency production needs. The coil packing line is designed for automatic coil packing and handling of pipe coils after being spooled. Can design the complete system after the coil spooler which include spool picker, wrapping machine, strapping machine, coil dispense device and buffer conveyors, etc.