How the stacking the sliting coil by automatic coil packing line

Steel coil stacking machine
Steel coil stacking machine
Metal slit coil packaging line -- How to do slitting coil packing automatically

Automatic coil packing line, Automatic slitting coil packing line | SHJLAPCK (

As the video begins, we are greeted by the sight of an expansive manufacturing plant and several large, neatly coiled metal sheets. A voice-over dives straight into the subject matter, explaining that the video will delve into the world of automated slitting coil packaging.

[00:16 – 00:45] The first segment of the video breaks down the fundamentals of slitting coil wrapping machine. It highlights its role in safeguarding the metal coils during their storage and transit periods. A close-up shot of a metal coil and an overview of the traditional manual packing method set the stage for the introduction of automation.

[00:46 – 01:30] In the next phase, the video brings in the game-changer – automatic packing. Its advantages, such as enhanced speed and lower labor costs, are thoroughly outlined. Viewers are then introduced to a state-of-the-art automatic packing machine, with the narrator explaining the function of each component: the loading mechanism, conveyor system, and packing module.

[01:31 – 02:30] The operation of the automated machine is displayed in detail. We observe a coil being transported from the slitting line to the packing area via a conveyor system. The video demonstrates how sensors accurately measure the coil’s dimensions and position, facilitating precise packing. The machine then wraps the coil securely, preparing it for safe shipping.

[02:31 – 03:30] The video further highlights the safety precautions and maintenance practices associated with the machine. It points out features such as automatic fault detection, emergency shutdown capabilities, and routine upkeep procedures. The narrative stresses the importance of regular checks and servicing for machine longevity and worker safety.

[03:31 – 04:00] Wrapping up, the video reiterates the benefits of adopting automated slitting coil packing, including productivity gains, cost savings, and enhanced product protection. The viewers are invited to reach out through the contact details displayed on the screen for more information. Finally, the narrator expresses gratitude for watching, inviting the audience to engage with the video and subscribe for more related content.

Note: When operating this kind of machinery, always ensure compliance with safety standards and guidelines, and seek advice from professionals.

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