Coil Master for wire coil wrapping

The coilmaster stretch wrapping machine designed by Jinglin is for high efficient and high performanced through-the-eye wrapping of coils for the wire, steel, and aluminium industries, especially for wrapping of the coils with big width.

It is an automatically operated system that adopts a heavy gauge stretch film for the wrapping of coils. The concept used is for a specifical U-shaped track to carry a film dispensing shuttle running through the eye of the coil, while the coil is slowly rotated on its axis on a set of blocker rollers. Thus the complete coil is wrapped and sealed by the stretch film. The machine track frame opens to allow the coils to be easily loaded and offloaded from the machine before and after wrapping.

The powered film shuttle can apply a range of stretch films to the coils as well as VCIpaper and also woven tape. Depending on the options selected the coilmaster can offer a flexible packing solution for efficient and optimal cost wrapping of the wire coils.

The machine is designed as a stand-alone, modular unit with a number of machine options to suit most customer needs and take into account the wire industry’s needs for the high-value bundle corrosion protection and wrapping needs.The coilmaster wrapper can greatly save the labor cost, provide a much better wrapping effect for different coils, and good protection from dirt,contaminants, moisture and surface damage.


1. Load the coils by crane, C-hook, forkman on the blocker roller station.Coils can also be brought to the blocker roller station by walking beam, coil car or conveyor.

2. The main wrapper moves to the roller station which is loaded with coil. The wrapper positioning automatically itself. Adjusting the height of the U-type track for different coil OD for the film dispensing shuttle can run cross the center of ID.

3. U-type track closed.

4. Packing material be fixed on the coil by manual/by mechanical hand automatic (optional).

5. Wrapping start.

6. Wrapping finished and seal by manual/by automatic mechanical hand (optional).

7. Wrapper moves to another blocker roller station for next packing(optional).

8. The packed coil unloaded and repeat the operation for the next coils.

Basic configuration:

PLC-Siemens, HMI-Siemens, Converter-Siemens,Sensor-Autonics, Encoder-Delta, pneumatic element-Airtec, Main motors-YK, switch、button、Contactor- Schneider.


Scope of supply:
Main engine of the coil master stretch wrapper machine with guide rail:1 set

U-type Orbital: 1 set

Electrical cabinet, guardrail etc:1set for each


Blocker roller station:1 set

Spare parts and user manual:1 set for each

PLC&HMI control system:1 set for each

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