Semiauto orbital stretch wrapper

Horizontal stretch wrapper GG500

Your best solution for long shape package packaging. and we have solution as per your need in length, weight, height, packaging material…more information.

GG500 Horizontal stretch wrapper is a semi-auto wrapping machine. Machine can wrap the maximum outer packing diameter is 500mm. If you are going to wrap much bigger products, we can produce customized machine to meet your packing requirements.

SHJLPACK is specialized in offering packing solutions to different products.

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Horizontal stretch wrapper GG400

GG400 Semi-auto horizontal stretch wrapper is a simple orbital stretch wrapping machine. Side guide rollers protect variable range of the width of product. It is particularly suitable for lower throughtput capacity. And it is very cost-effective for end users.

The machine is well-designed by shjlpack engineering team. It can be expandable to fully automatic machine.

Horizontal stretch wrapper GG400

Horizontal stretch wrapper GG400

horizontal stretch wrapper GG300

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine GG300 has wide range of applicability. The up and down board of wrapping unit can pack different height of products. The maximum wrapping diagonal or outer diameter of product is 300mm.

This machine is extremely low cost of consumables and energy. PLC control system is for easy operation.

This machine is popular for packing long objects, for example, aluminum/ UPVC profiles, timber, and steel rod, etc.

Horizontal stretch wrapper GG200

Semi-auto orbital stretch wrapper GG200 is a perfect choice for lower requirements. The machine is easy and simple. It has variable applications to pack all kinds of long products and profiles.

The machine can works with different packing materials, such as stretch film, PE. PVC, paper, woven fabric. Shjlpack will provide you the best packing solution based on your requirements.

Semiatuo horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and solution.

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