Automatic orbital stretch wrapper

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper GG1400

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper GG1400 has top pressing roller on the infeed and outfeed conveyor driven by air cylinder, which can protect the product from shaking and damage in wrapping.

PLC control system is well programmed for realizing parameters setting. Operation interface simplifies the workload.

Shjlpack engineering team are able to design and produce a wrapping machine according to your products and packing needs.

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper GG1000

GG1000 orbital stretch wrapping machine can pack the product automatically. It aims to pack long and straight product with stretch film.

Integrated with a sealing machine, it is able to reach fully sealed for the product. The packing material of sealing machine is PE film or bubble film.

It is suited for high requirement of the package for end users. With this kind of full package, the product is sealed very nicely and tightly.

With the full package, the product will be stored in a good condition, which is able to protect the product from dust, water, rust, etc.

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper GG800

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper GG800 is kind of fully automatic horizontal stretch wrapping machine. This spiral stretch wrapper is suited for integration in production lines.

It is very cost effective with high productivity. The machine works with motorized infeed and outfeed conveyors and an automatic mechanical hand, which reduces lots of operations by workers.

PLC and HMI system makes its operation easy and fast. The whole operation is fully automatic.

This machine The packing material can be chosen according to your needs, such as stretch film, knit belt, compound paper tape, etc.

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper GG300

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper GG300 is widely applied for packing all kinds of long products, such as profiles, bars, pipes, timber, wooden box, etc.

This machine has high performance and low energy cost. It has an automatic mechanical hand holding, feeding and cutting packing material. Top pressing device and side protective rollers can avoid product shaking or moving around during wrapping. The ring speed is up to 110r/min.

Shjlpack can offer you a suitable and reliable packing machine for packing your products with extensive experience in packaging line.