wire packing machine

Wire coil compactor and strapping machine

It is a automatic wire coil compacting and strapping machine, which includes wire coil compactor, conveyor, strapping machine. It is able handling your wire coil package from drawing line to packing line. It is able separating the basket and wire coil online operation. The strapping machine strap the wire coil 3-4 straps according size of wire coil. It can be an automatic system to replace the manually work in your wire coil production workshop. Shjlpack help you find the best solution per your need.

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GW2500 Wire coil packing machine

The machine is specialized designed for packing steel wire coils which has a big diameter, such as strand wire coils,pre-stressed wire coils,and big bearings as well. The coil is well-protected & sealed & looks tidier after packing.The wrapper part is moveable with track which makes it convenient for coil loading and adjust the wrapping position according to different coil diameter.

GD400 Vertical type wire coil packing machine

This GD vertical type wire wrapping machine could be widely used in the exterior wrapping of wire coils and other circular articles such as steel coils,copper tire, electric wire cable, mild-carbon steel strip etc. The machine has a top-opening structure which is convenient for coil lifting. Flexible, safe, convenient, can effectively reduce the labor cost and improve the working productivity.

GD600 Wire coil packing machine with trolley

This wire coil packing machine is much more suitable for large and heavy steel wire coil,stranded wire coils,with movable trolley for coil loading& offloading.Different wrapping material can be choose according to your needs. Jinglin is dedicated to provide quality machines with wonderful performance, simple operation and low costs.

Coil wrapping machine for light coil packing

GS300 Steel wire coil wrapping machine

Steel wires need much more protect from influence of water, dust, rust and crashes or damages in movement and transportation. It’s the time to switch from old and traditional manual packing to automatic machine packing which can greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce labor cost. This machine has a wide application for various coiled objects of steel coils, plastic coils, tyres, etc.

coil packaging mahcine

wire coil wrapping machine

wire coil wrapping machine : is a one of best solution in improving the wire coil packing by stretch film. The paper also can be fixed packing material next to the wrapping station. The wire…